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Money and the power of a loaded weapon seek to interrupt the plans of the newly-engaged. In order to build a future together, Dolly Hunter and Gerald Washington let go of their past, but the past didn't let go of them. Just when the universe is balanced, their present attempts to cripple their plans for a "happily ever after." Author Yolonda D. Coleman puts you in a roller coaster seat as you hold fast to the many twists and turns that enter Dolly and Gerald's relationship. In learning the aptitude and altitude of their love, Dolly and Gerald discover, through countless emotions, that love is more than a choice. It's a responsibility. Sugar Rush: Love's Elevation exposes what happens when a romance goes beyond the veil and the honeymoon is over before it starts.

Sugar Rush: Love's Elevation

SKU: 217537123517253
  • This is the second installation in the Sugar Rush series by Yolonda D. Coleman.

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