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The Coffeedreamz Ink Collection

The First Rush!


​Darlene "Dolly" Hunter is comfortable in her world of work and friends. "The only thing a man could do for me was wine me, dine me, romance me, and leave me alone." Known as "Spider Woman" among her friends and family, she's mesmerized by the new bait on the stage of Blackplatinum Cafe. Gerald "Blacksax" Washington stands in the center of her life and changes the world around her.

The Bestseller!


Money and the power of a loaded weapon seek to interrupt the plans of the newly-engaged. In order to build a future together, Dolly Hunter and Gerald Washington let go of their past, but the past didn't let go of them. Just when the universe is balanced, their present attempts to cripple their plans for a "happily ever after."

The Thriller!

Never knowing love makes you crazy. Finding love feels like heaven. Losing love hurts like hell. Sharlotte Swanson is a cliché. She's single, educated, and talented. Her life, however, is like an unscripted television show for a southern diva who migrated north. When it comes to navigating the Internet, Sharlotte is a pro on social Internet sites. So it's no surprise to Sharlotte's best friend, Dr. Tara Steele, when she starts to receive harassing phone calls. But as the saying goes, "People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones." Tara has a secret of her own that connects her world in Atlanta to Sharlotte's life in Central Maryland. Love's Deceit lets us know just how much navigating through life's web costs.

The Autobiography!


The Boy Who Refused To Say, "I Can't!" details the life of Jesse "JB" Bradford. Once he realized that there were no opportunities for a little boy with big dreams in Franklinton, North Carolina, the 15 year old Jesse boarded a bus headed to Washington, D.C. By the time his father noticed that he was gone, Jesse's dreams were already set in motion, and he had no plans on going back except to bring others along for the ride.


The Celebrity!


​PG County, yeah---Ward 9 is what it is called by some people in D.C. Back in the day, it was the spot in Maryland people from the city moved to when they “made it.” I had my mind bent on making it outside the D.C. Metro EEERIA. Even when I suffered depression and tried to combat peer pressure, my dream extended beyond imaginary lines that charted D.C., Maryland and VEE AY. Despite my adversities and roadblocks, I started creating pathways in places most people will rarely see outside their blue and orange subway train windows. Even though I’m on the fast track, this is my walk. This is my story. The truth you can’t BeTRAY. “...AN ENCOURAGING STORY OF DETERMINATION AND DESTINY. READ IT AND BE INSPIRED.” ~ Michel 'Shellichell' Wright

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