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Welcome to the home of the HOLD THE SALT campaign. As an author and motivational speaker, I am committed to helping people see their dreams into fruition. However, after a medical scare, I realized that a dream will lay dormant if a person is not in a healthy state to see it through. High sodium diets contribute to a lot of unhealthy life styles. Help me help you HOLD THE SALT.

I wish the events of my life were a product of my imagination. My alias, A. Brown Girl, was created the moment I realized God has a great sense of humor. I have encounters crazy enough to make you say, “Hell to the nawl!” My moments with people who truly believe they have good intentions couldn’t have been scripted any better by a well paid producer. My dear friends, these are the days of my life. I promise, the stories are all true.

Advocate For Yourself is the voice for the voiceless. When a topic comes up, people are polled, the results are analyzed, and the blog is written. We're looking for new material to be discussed. Send suggestions to

Children are our greatest resources in the classroom. Why not pick their brains to see how we can better educate them? Truly listen when you ask, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Their answer may inspire your next lesson plan. Unlock Talent to Build Dreams is a home for teachers to offer quality experiences in their classrooms in order to maximize learning.

Quiet Desk

It's review time with Ms. Coffeedreamz. One of my pet peeves is reading or hearing a negative review about a movie or restaurant without checking it out for myself. This blog is the house for my reviews based on personal observations with a bit of evidence to support my thinking. Enjoy!

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