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Photographer Caramel Moss is the object of affection of a wealthy accountant and adored by a southern gentleman. She is, however, firm on chasing her dreams more than she’s willing to be chased for a response to give her heart to either of them. Caramel’s first love is the camera, but the elders in her family are quick to remind her that even the moon loves the sun enough to share its sky. While looking toward the stars, Caramel tries to two-step to the beat of her heart while ignoring family pressures.


Bestselling author, Yolonda D. Coleman, shares the story of a free spirit who moonlights below the clouds. Caramel’s Sunday is a journey for those who find themselves making their dreams come true rather than wishing them into fruition.


Can a city girl with southern roots explore life as a dreamer while her destiny is being held hostage by those who love her? Taste a scoop of Caramel's Sunday to learn how sweet life can be when you follow your heart.



Photo Highlights From Pop Up Saturdays at Boutique 110.

We all, at some point, face choice of whether or not to put ourselves or a relationship first.  Caramel's Sunday is a story many can relate to when contemplating the life choices they will be making or have already made. 

-Leslie Jones, Georgia


There is no way you can read this and not feel some sense of pride or not feel like the characters could be you. Like Coleman's previous two books, Caramel's Sunday makes you want to keep turning the pages.

-Kwane Reed, Virginia

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